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3 Easy Steps to Clean Fresh Pet Urine From Carpet

3 Easy Steps to Clean Fresh Pet Urine From Carpet

A close friend of ours owns two cats. They use the litter box in the garage so the kitchen door needs to be open. One day the door was closed, so the cats peed in the dining room, thankfully on hardwood flooring and not carpet. She cleaned it easily enough but her cats would go back and sniff the area. So, she cleaned it again. Problem solved.

Do this for carpet

If your cat or dog keeps going back to the spot they urinated on, in your carpet or upholstery, sorry to tell you, but you haven’t cleaned it adequately. Here’s how to go about it.

Step one

Blot all liquids up first. Keep using a clean towel or absorbent material to absorb liquids. Press on it, step on it. Go easy at first then use more pressure. That’s step number one.

Step two

Spray a cleaning product on the spot and let it soak in. If you have to remove the cap to pour it on, do that. Better to use more cleaning product now, than to have to clean it all over again. It’s also cheaper to buy more product than to replace carpeting.

Step three

It’s time to blot up the product. Don’t scrub or rub carpet fibers. Doing so will ruin the fibers. The stain might be gone, but it will noticeable because the fibers will be fuzzy.


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  • Blot all urine up with absorbent towels
  • Spray or pour product on spot and wait a bit
  • Blot up all cleaning products

If you’ve tried them all, it’s time to use PetKeeper Secrets. Works fantastic to remove pet urine in carpet quickly and easily. You’ll be surprised how well it works! It’s guaranteed.


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