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About Us

PetKeeper Secrets was invented to keep pets and people breathing easy.bottle pks

Most people love pets, but just as many have a hard time cleaning up after them or clearing the air of their smell. PetKeeper Secrets is one family’s effort to keep surfaces clean and the air crystal clear to make life better for fluffy friends and the people who love them.

The story of PetKeeper Secrets started when Chris Elliott, a lifelong entrepreneur and friend of pets, noticed a major problem in his mother’s household. Chris’ 5-year-old daughter Savanna was highly allergic to her grandma’s poodles Roxy and Raspberry, as well as her Aunt Callie’s magnificent mutt Marty. All three pups had great attitudes but bad odor and dander, causing a severe reaction in Savanna. For Savanna to visit Grandma Elliott and breathe comfortably, the family would either have to relocate the puppies to Alaska to become sled dogs- a harrowing prospect for any poodle- or find an alternative solution.

That solution turned out to be PetKeeper Secrets, a mineral-based formula Chris created that cleared the air for Savanna from that day forward. What’s more, PetKeeper Secrets turned out to not only clear odor but also clean the worst kind of stains, from urine to poop to cigarettes. Thus, a 2-in-1 solution was born that solved two major pet problems in one just-add-water formula.

The Elliott’s were glad to help Savanna breathe again. But there was an even bigger mission for PetKeeper Secrets to take on.

PetKeeper Secrets saves pets’ lives.

pets3 million pets are euthanized every year. And house soiling and smell are some of the leading reasons they are put up for adoption. Roughly 43% of pets are brought into shelters due to behavior problems such as urination and pet odors.

The PetKeeper Secrets family is determined to prevent the abandonment and euthanasia of pets by knocking out odors and stains that might otherwise leave those pets without homes. For the last two years, the Elliott’s have travelled to expos, stores, shelters and more to demonstrate the magic of their mineral-based miracle formula.

Today, PetKeeper Secrets is recognized by a growing number of shelter leaders and pet lovers as the go-to solution for pet stains and odors. It also serves as a fundraising product for shelters in multiple parts of the US, contributing a second way to keeping pets well taken care of.

Stenches stink. Stains are sticky. Pets are adorable.

Clean the stain. Clear the stench.

Keep the pets with PetKeeper Secrets.

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