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Animal Ark Shelter


Can a shelter with a homey atmosphere really be Minnesota’s largest no-kill animal shelter?

Cat Condos

It’s a happy place. Children are welcome and people are friendly. It’s cozy and warm in the winter and there’s a pool outback in the summer. Could this be a resort?

Right at home at Animal Ark

It’s actually Animal Ark Shelter in Hastings, MN and it’s one of the most unique animal shelters in the country. It feels more like a home than a shelter. Cats are housed in cat condos, which are carpeted rooms with climbing trees and big picture windows.

Imagine this

Want to spend time with a potential dog? There’s a socialization room with a fireplace and TV. Yes, you read that right, a fireplace and television set. What better way to socialize puppies or connect with a canine then by watching a movie or sitting by the fire with them.

Lots of pets

Animal Ark cares for about 1000 pets year. Besides cats and kittens, puppies and dogs, they also care for the occasional rabbit.

Multiply quickly

Animal Ark doesn’t just care for pets in their shelter, they also run a Neuter Commuter (a mobile surgical van) that can spay/neuter about 100 animals a day. Cats can multiply quicker than dogs (420,000 cats in 7 years) so it’s one way to keep the animal population at bay.


At risk youth

The New Chance Program for at risk youth is another program at the shelter. Twice a week these young people train homeless dogs to become better “canine citizens”. In the process these youth learn about the trust, loyalty and unconditional love a dog brings something that might have been lacking in their home.

Happy place indeed

Not only do people adore Animal Ark, apparently dogs do too! Story goes an adopted dog frequently ran away from its owner and kept re-appearing at Animal Ark. Gives you an indication how well they care for their animals … 🙂

Just like in any home, cat and dog urine odor and stains are a fact of life at Animal Ark shelter. They use and highly recommend PetKeeper Secrets Odor & Stain Remover.