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The Best Cleaning Products? Six Reasons Why Minerals are Safe, Yet so Effective

The Best Cleaning Products? Six Reasons Why Minerals are Safe, Yet so Effective

Super computers. You probably know one. I do. It’s my husband. His mind thinks all the time. You have heard of a plan A? He also has plans B, C and D going all at once, too. And for me I don’t have to think overtime. It’s a real advantage.

And if it’s your first time using a mineral-based clean up product, (what we think is one of the best cleaning products out there) you’re in for a surprise. Here’s why:

First off, minerals are harmless
Minerals are safe to use. They are non-toxic. There are simply no harsh chemicals to breathe or get on your hands.

Second, they won’t cause allergies
In the science world, minerals are inorganic. What this means is they have never been alive. And because they are not made of plants or animals, they cannot cause any allergic reaction. And this is important because allergies are increasing meaning there are more folks suffering. Why use on the of best cleaning products (called natural) if they are going to make your nose run and eyes itch?

Third, minerals clean differently

The minerals, 100% minerals what constitutes the best cleaning products, clean excellently for three main causes:

  1. The molecules are very small. This smallness means they can get into very tiny areas to remove odors and dirt, something other cleaning products can’t do because their molecules are larger.
  2. Because of their molecular make up, these minerals are also naturally attracted to dirt. Other cleaners have ingredients added to make them attract to dirt, which is why they don’t clean as well.
  3. Two ingredients in one of the best cleaning products soften water naturally. Soft water cleans more effectively. This softness also means they prepare the surface to accept the cleaning solution so clean up is quick and effective.

Fourth, no scrubbing required
The minerals do the work. Not you. Why? Because the minerals in this cleaning product naturally digest fats, proteins and starches what all stains are made of.

Fifth, works fast
Minerals not only work instantly, but no rinsing is required. For instance I sprayed this clean up product on carpeting in our car. Someone had spilled some liquid, didn’t clean it up. It was dirty and a real eye sore. I simply sprayed the product on the spot. It disappeared. I didn’t scrub, rub or anything. It just simply disappeared.

Sixth, very versatile
Minerals rise to the occasion. Here’s a small sampling of things you can clean with one of the best cleaning products out there:

  • Hard flooring of all kinds- wood, tile, vinyl
  • Soft surfaces like carpeting and upholstery
  • Counter tops- both kitchen and bath
  • Walls
  • Car interiors, cleans everything but windows
  • Removes red wine stains on clothing, drapery and carpet

Can be used freely in the air to remove:

  • Skunk odor, pet odor and all sorts of odors
  • Use to refresh kitty litter boxes (that is if you are pressed for time)

So, next time you are looking for one of the best cleaning products to clean up a mess, grab a bottle of PetKeeper Secrets*. It’s got many advantages. It might not do the job of a super computer, but it’ll come close, promise☺

*Yes, it’s 100% mineral-based PetKeeper Secrets Pet Odor & Stain Remover, but we know there are smart folks out there. This goes beyond any pet odor and stain remover, honest. This is a 3-in-1 cleaning product that can do so much more. Think outside the box and give it a try.
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