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Why the California Chapter of the ABR Needs Your Help

Why the California Chapter of the ABR Needs Your Help

You’ve heard the rhyme Old Mother Hubbard with a bare cupboard? Such is the case of the American Brittany Rescue’s (ABR) California chapter. They contacted us to see if we could help their cause. Here’s the story…

Magnolia Dog Rescue
Last July in Louisiana an effort was undertaken to rescue 103 Brittany Spaniels. A hoarder was not caring for these lovely animals. Conditions were horrendous. The stench was unbearable. Neighbors had been complaining about this situation for years.

And now they were free
Once rescued, puppies, male and female dogs were bathed, vet checked and loved. Almost all were all found to be heartworm positive.

Endemic in the south
Here’s how heartworm develops: a female heartworm releases their young into a cat or dog’s bloodstream. If a mosquito bites this cat or dog, the mosquito can become infected with the heartworm. About 2 weeks later the young larvae mature inside the mosquito. If the mosquito bites another animal the larvae enter into the bite wound and the cycle starts all over again.

Deadly disease
It takes six months for the larvae to become adults where they lodge in the heart. In severe cases, dogs can become listless, have a continual cough, reduced appetite and become tired after a wee bit of exercise. Several dogs in Louisiana were put down that rescue day because of deadly heartworm.

Successful operation
When taken, the dogs were then transported to five different areas. A number of Brittany’s ended up at the Penn State Vet School. One dog was suffering severely from heartworm and was so far gone as to risk a heart operation to remove the worms. The dog survived and is recovering. It was a teaching moment for the school and a positive outcome for the dog.

Negative coffers
Heartworm treatment is not cheap. Once it has a firm grip, treatment is both costly and can take several months to overcome. Two shots are needed. The cost is 1200.00 along with supportive care and crate rest.

California chapter received all heartworm positive dogs
Between transportation, vetting, spay/neuter, foster care, heartworm treatment and dental care, just like Old Mother Hubbard, the money in their cupboard has been spent. Their funds are low.

Why help?
Some rescue dogs need a little extra help.  An otherwise healthy dog may come to rescue with heartworm or some other easily solved problem, but it isn’t so easy to solve when funds are tight and there are many dogs who need help. Often older dogs stay in rescue simply because they’re older. Many volunteers cover the extra expenses themselves, but that makes continued volunteering difficult.*

To help the California Chapter log onto:

Or to become a Brittany Buddy

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* taken from the Brittany Buddy webpage