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Car Odor Eliminator: 3 Things to do to Say Goodbye to That Awful Smell

Car Odor Eliminator: 3 Things to do to Say Goodbye to That Awful Smell

Apples. Hamburger. Milk. Coffee. Nope. It’s not a grocery list. These are things that at one time or other made my car reek. The worst was hamburger. It had fallen out of a grocery bag and sat in the car over a long weekend…

No brainer

The smell of rotting meat is so awful they very first thing you want to do is find it. That’s Rule #1 in this car odor eliminator guide.

Rule #2

While your car bakes in the sun, it’s creating a nice warm environment to make bacteria and mold spores on say, a rotting apple, reproduce like crazy. That’s why it smells so bad. So, rule number 2: Throw it out.

Rule #3: clean it

If it’s a fresh spill, blot it up with clean absorbent towels. Liquids, naturally, will work their way to the lowest point in a car, so if you’ve spilled a café latte, work fast. Apply light pressure so you don’t push the liquid deeper into the upholstery or carpet. Then increase the pressure. You want to absorb all the liquid into the towel, before applying a cleaning solution.

Pour it. Don’t spray it

Your car’s upholstery and carpet are made of nylon. It’s tough. If your product of choice is made of enzymes and bacteria, carefully pour a bit on, then, come back later. It needs time to sit to be effective. Never spray an enzyme or bacteria based product in your car. It’s not designed to remove airborne odors.

Odor remover and then some

A mineral-based product, on the other hand, works immediately. You can spray it freely in the air and on carpet or upholstery to remove the mess and odor. PetKeeper Secrets encapsulates (wraps around) odors and what’s left of the mess on the floor or seat. Then the minerals dehydrate it.

Dried Goo? Wet the mess

If the mess has dried, you need to add water to the area. Any product you choose here will just simply need time to become effective.

Is it a fruitless endeavor?

Try cleaning the area again, this time a bit more thoroughly. Be patient. If the problem persists and you can’t stand that car odor any longer, consult an auto detailer. They’re schooled in cleaning your car’s interior and know ways to get deep into the bowels of your car to remove anything.

…and the hamburger?

Luckily the juices never touched the car seat. The whole package was bloated but the plastic kept it from leaking. Whew! 🙂

PetKeeper Secrets is a pet odor & stain remover, but it does so much more. It’s the perfect car odor eliminator. Odor free. Hypoallergenic too. The minerals soften the water to make cleaning easy. It encapsulates the mess. Then dehydrates it all. Buy a bottle today. It works and it works really well, honest 🙂



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