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How to Remove Cat Urine From Carpet

If you’ve been trying to remove cat urine from your carpet, here’s why it’s difficult to remove and how to go about it effectively. Carpet is made from twisted or looped fibers (wool, nylon, polyester or polypropylene) called pile. These fibers are woven into a backing system that resembles webbing (similar to burlap). Latex is …


Cleaning Pet Vomit? Two Tools to Use

My mother-in-law had two small dogs, puppies as she liked to call them, Raspberry and Roxy. Sure they would have the occasional pee accident on carpeting or hardwood, but what they seemed to specialize in, was vomiting. In bed during the night She’d recount, with dark circles under her eyes, that she had to clean …


Lost Cat: The Missing Case of…?

My hubby and I were walking toward the park one day when we saw a pleasant looking woman stop, tilt her head skyward, open her mouth, walk a bit, stop, tilt her head skyward, open her mouth, then walk a bit. Caught up with us I couldn’t make out what in the world she was …


Who’s Earthing. You or Your Dog?

My neighbor, Gene walks his Shih Tzu, Tippy, every morning. Gene wears shoes. Tippy is walking in the grass. Tippy is earthing. Gene is not. Which is better? According to recent energy medicine studies, walking barefoot on the earth, gaining the earth’s energy, can help you live healthier: earthing reduces your heart rate, relieves inflammation …


Rehoming: Better Than Time in a Shelter

The sign on the door of Lola’s cage said Owner Surrender. She was huddled in the back corner of her pen and wouldn’t budge. The food in her cage had not been eaten. Peering into her domain only brought a more frightened look into her eyes. Poor Lola She wasn’t the only one. In the …


Pet Stain Removers: Which One Works Instantly

When I was growing up I waited. In the car. At the grocery. We only had one car, so if my dad wanted to stop for a drink my mom, sister and I were stuck waiting for what seemed like hours… And In good faith you buy a pet stain remover, only to find it’s …


The Best Cleaning Products? Six Reasons Why Minerals are Safe, Yet so Effective

Super computers. You probably know one. I do. It’s my husband. His mind thinks all the time. You have heard of a plan A? He also has plans B, C and D going all at once, too. And for me I don’t have to think overtime. It’s a real advantage. And if it’s your first …


Raw Cat Food: Should You Switch?

Misty lived for 20 years. She ate a raw cat food diet. She was as healthy as could possibly be. Who was behind this long-lived feline? My friend, Linda. Into raw food, too Besides frequenting the library, shopping exclusively at thrift stores and being opinionated about current news events, this woman knows how to eat …


Baking Soda: Why it’s Desirable in a Pet Cleaning Product

Hopefully it’s in every refrigerator in America. It’s not a bottle of catsup, mustard or water. It’s not made from a vegetable, fruit or animal. It’s a mineral. And it’s most likely sitting inside a cardboard box in your refrig… Baking soda is a white powder or crystalline mineral that is found all over the …


Organic? Inorganic? Which Pet Odor and Stain Remover Should You Choose?

They were pounding their fist on the table; all three of them! Faster and faster they went. It was all in fun though for they were playing the game: Rock, Paper, Scissors. And when you choose a pet odor and stain remover you are playing a game, too whether you know it or not. One …