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How to Cope When Dog Odor is Overwhelming and There’s No Time for a Bath

How to Cope When Dog Odor is Overwhelming and There’s No Time for a Bath

It was 1979. It was in sunny California. A couple needed to be in Wyoming but didn’t own a car. Dogs weren’t accepted on the Greyhound bus. That’s when my husband, Chris, agreed to take their white toy poodle, Nicky, a rifle, and anything else that wouldn’t fit inside a suitcase…

Marilyn’s no different

She acquired three dogs and four cats because all of them where from friends who couldn’t keep their pets any longer.  Her two Dachshunds have back problems and use piddle pads in the house. Her brown and white Border Collie, Tiger, has beautiful eyes that watch her every move. He’s the lucky one.

He gets to ride in the car

Whenever Marilyn goes anywhere, her best friend is right by her side. She loves that dog, but not the doggy smell that greets her every time she climbs inside her vehicle.

Love your dog, but the smell is too much? 

Marilyn sprays a product* freely in her car. It removes dog odor. She also sprays it on the car seat to keep the smell at bay.  And when the dirt is overwhelming, she uses it to clean up the car seat.

Stand up kind of dog

Tiger’s a great watchdog. Marilyn sleeps much better now that the dog is around. She knows any noise outside and her companion will hear it in an instant. When she gets up in the morning, she sprays a product* on the bed to get rid of, you guessed it, dog odor.

Safe to breathe

Marilyn loves the product* because it’s not harmful to breathe or get on her skin. It won’t mask odors like an air freshener. It also doesn’t cause allergies like an enzyme-based product could. She says it’s magic!

Marvelous turn around

…Chris eventually took the rifle to a pawnshop and Nicky, the dog? With lots of love and playful romps of hide and seek in the park this frightened, little dog became a confident, happy, best friend.

What’s the product Marilyn uses? Well, it’s….* It removes dog odor and so much more:

  • Spray it freely in your car or home (it doesn’t mask odors or harm your health like air fresheners)
  • Spray it on your bedding to keep dog odors down
  • Spray it on your car’s carpet and upholstery when it gets dirty. Works much faster than enzyme-based products. Did you know a third party lab certified it Superior for cleaning car upholstery and carpeting.
  • Did you know this is safe enough to spray on your dog? (Please do not use it on dogs with sensitive skin).
  • *It’s PetKeeper Secrets Pet Odor & Stain Remover. Try it. Your nose will love it! Buy a bottle today. Free Shipping, too.