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One Sure Fire Trick to Help You Find Cat Urine on Carpet

One Sure Fire Trick to Help You Find Cat Urine on Carpet

$200 just disappeared! My husband was going on a trip, placed his money on a shelf and it was gone. We had no idea what happened to it. Only under scrutiny did our then 4-year old Savanna announce she had found the money, but it was only a 20-dollar bill…

Why you need to search
If your cat’s not been using her litter box, you’ve just encountered cat urine on carpet syndrome! Figuring out the reason she stopped using the box and you’re half way home. The next step is finding the cat urine, because if you don’t, she’ll likely go there again.

Boost finding cat urine with this

Sometimes you can’t see the urine with the naked eye, but you sure can smell it, right? Best way to find it is with a UV-A light or black light. And of the two, the easiest tool to use is a black light flashlight.

Why black lights work
Black lights work on cat urine because urine contains a high-energy phosphor. Phosphors contain the element phosphorus. Phosphors give off energy. This energy is shown by the black light as a glow or fluoresce.

Why we can see using black lights
As I mentioned, phosphors show up under ultra-violet light or a black light. The human eye can see all the colors from red to purple on the color spectrum, but not ultra violet. Black lights show us the ultra-violet color.

Other things glow too
You can shine black lights on all sorts of things like gems and minerals (if they have phosphors they’ll glow), your nails, teeth, petroleum jelly, some laundry detergent, invisible ink. Black light usage includes the medical arena, the art world (old artifacts did not have paints that had phosphors in them, so it reveals forgeries), and thwarting counterfeiters because bills have phosphor strips on them.

Best time to find cat urine
The darker inside the better, but what’s great about a flashlight is the light is stronger so it doesn’t have to be absolutely dark inside your home. Once you find the cat urine on carpet spots (they’ll show up as white spots on carpet), circle them with pennies so you know the exact location. When the lights do come on, you’ll know exactly where to apply a cleaning solution.

How to clean it up
Using a mineral-based clean up product like PetKeeper Secrets assures there is no wait time. It works instantly. Enzyme-based products need time to work. And since it’s late in the evening, the quicker you can get this over with the better. Spray PetKeeper Secrets over the entire area. Don’t be shy. Use it liberally. If you don’t eliminate all the urine, your kitty is going to smell it and go there again.

Blot up the area
A word of caution: don’t scrub your carpet. Doing so with make the carpet fibers look fuzzy, permanently. Blot it up. And because you might not have done the most thorough job, (it’s late remember☺) heck just for safety’s sake, spray it one more time and blot it up again. You’re done.

And the missing $200?
Savanna scattered the rest of the cash inside the house. She hid it because she didn’t want her dad to leave her and go on a business trip.

If your kitty is urinating on your carpet, better find it and fast. Taking care of this problem now, will avoid a bigger problem later on.

• Don’t be afraid to shine the light on walls, cabinets, clothing and more
• Use a black light flashlight (and a flashlight is key) to find urine fast
• Clean it up instantly with PetKeeper Secrets
• Don’t shine the light in someone’s eyes

What makes PetKeeper Secrets work so fast especially on cat urine on carpet? It’s the magic of 100% mineral ingredients. No enzymes. No fragrances. Just completely safe to use and it’s hypoallergenic. Buy a bottle today.