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Litter Box Problems? 5 Reasons Why Your Feline Might be Going Else Where

Litter Box Problems? 5 Reasons Why Your Feline Might be Going Else Where

They were fast buddies. Bought friends forever necklaces. Shared French fries and milk shakes. But the relationship ended, just like that! They were friend’s one day, but not the next. My daughter had no idea why. It was an outright mystery.

Puzzling cat behavior
If your kitty has been using her litter box faithfully and then one day isn’t, it’s a riddle that’s for sure. It’s time to play detective before the mess and the odor in your house becomes overwhelming.

Medical issue
Rule out a medical issue first. If you’ve not changed anything in your house, please check to make sure your cat is healthy. Issues such as urinary tract infections are common and these can cause your feline to dribble urine outside her box. Then when she smells the urine, she most likely will go there again. Trying to solve urination problems without a check up can be frustrating.

New pet
Whether it’s a cat or dog, kitten or puppy a new resident in your home is going to change the dynamics. Cats are nervous animals. They like calm. A new pet can chase or corner your cat and they are going to be unsettled. Slowly introduce your new pet to your cat. If it means keeping one inside a cage while the other sniffs around, or climbs on top of the cage, so be it. You need to let both of them become comfortable with each other. And this takes time. There are several books that offer great advice for introducing a new cat or dog. An excellent book. Starting from Scratch by Pam Johnson-Bennett is one I recommend. And if you’re really stumped, there are cat and dog behaviorist locally. Give them a call for rates and availability.

Litter box
This is huge. Sometimes it’s as simple as the location. A good majority of cat owners keep the litter box in the bathroom. Works for us, right? Well it might not work for your kitty cat. Think about felines outside. Where do they go? Out in the open.

That’s what your cat likes too
They want to see all around them just in case they have to escape (definitely something they would have to do with a new pet in the house). Bathrooms are not ideal. Give them an open area to do their business. Somewhere in the house where there’s not heavy traffic either. Dining room, living room (and not family room), or spare bedroom.

But it smells
Well, yes it does. But if you’re quick to scoop it out (any cat will surely appreciate a clean box!), then spray the area with an odor neutralizer, such as PetKeeper Secrets, it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s a 5-minute operation at most. Please don’t use a scented odor remover. They don’t work and are harmful to your health.

Which box is best?
Lidded dome type boxes are popular but your cat might not like them. Sure they hid the mess and smell but only to you. Your cat will smell that urine and refuse to go in there. And guess what, she’ll find another place to do her business. Best to use an open litter box, one your feline can see all the way around, that way if they need to escape, they can. Wanting to escape is a natural tendency. You can’t fight it.

This is another thing felines are partial to. Scented litter is only for you, not your cat. Don’t buy it. If you’ve been using the same litter for a while and your cat likes it, then you decide to change, do it slowly. Add a bit to the litter box daily. Eventually the new litter will have replaced the old and your cat won’t know the difference.

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Might Not Use the Litter Box
1.) Could be a medical issue. Make an appointment to see your vet
2.) New pets in the house can be unsettling to your feline
3.) Litter box placement is vital. Choose a spot your cat, not you will like (see if you can compromise)
4.) Purchase an open litter box and think outside the box. Consider a storage container with low sides
5.) If you have to change litter, do it slowly. A fast change and your cat might balk.

And the mystery relationship?
Years later my daughter discovered she had talked too much about her other friend and that’s why the relationship ended. Who knew? Now if only your cat could talk☺

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