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Lost Cat: The Missing Case of…?

Lost Cat: The Missing Case of…?

My hubby and I were walking toward the park one day when we saw a pleasant looking woman stop, tilt her head skyward, open her mouth, walk a bit, stop, tilt her head skyward, open her mouth, then walk a bit.

Caught up with us
I couldn’t make out what in the world she was doing until we met face to face. She was calling for her cat, Marty. She’d walk, stop, lift her head and yell out his name. Then walk some more, yell out his name. He was lost and she was worried.

A bit of trouble
Marty was left alone for a few days and that’s when the trouble began. Cats need playtime and companionship, which is what he didn’t get as he was left to his own devices. Another reason for not leaving your cat alone: they could get into trouble physically or medically with no one to help.

Right maneuver

So Marty’s parents, what did they do right? The orange tabby does have a microchip, so if that lost cat is found, any vet or shelter could discover Marty’s parents and notify them right away.

Wrong thinking
So, Marty’s parents, what did they do wrong? Being an indoor cat, why put a collar on, right? Wrong. Most lost cats don’t have a collar and, unfortunately, Marty didn’t have one.

Estimated too little
Cats can roam quite a distance. When I talked to Marty’s mom, and told her I had seen an orange cat in our backyard, she was mighty surprised he gotten that far (it was only two blocks). So, to find a lost cat, expand your horizons.

Bring on the flyers
Another thing Marty’s owners could have done? Flyers. I woke one morning to discover flyers all over the neighborhood about a missing black cat. I saw that furry feline, called and both kitty and owner became reunited. Had it not been for the blanketed flyers, no one would have known.

Where are you Marty McFly?

Anxious to know if they found Marty, I phoned the owner. Unfortunately he hasn’t been found yet nor dropped off at a shelter. She’s really hoping someone invited him inside and adopted him. I hear he was a real sweetheart.

• Increase the chances to find your kitty, put a collar on them
• Microchip your pet
• Canvas the neighborhood with flyers
• On the flyer include: the cat’s name, color, when it was lost, and two phone numbers
• Talk to neighbors about your lost furry friend

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