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Why use PetKeeper Secrets?

  • Multipurpose: Purr-fect for pet owners– Odors, stains, waste and more. A pet lover’s best buddy (aside from your adoring pet, of course).
  • Completely unscented- No more mixing perfume with animal waste for a sickly sweet nostril-stinging sensation. PetKeeper Secrets makes air smell the way it should: like nothing!
  • 100% mineral-based– Our product promotes the health and wellbeing of people, pets and the planet. The magic is in the minerals.
  • Just add water- Easy refill packets prevent the shipment of water, making our cleaner one of the most sustainable on the planet.
  • Hypoallergenic– Got allergies problems? We guarantee our formula is absolutely allergen-free so you and your pets can breathe easy.

PetKeeper Secrets: The Magic of 100% Minerals.

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