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Only 29% Compliant: How Diligent Americans are with This Habit?

Only 29% Compliant: How Diligent Americans are with This Habit?

Should we brush our teeth more often? Call mom? Eat less sugar?

OK so maybe we should be doing all three of these things … 🙂

Do the words polyethylene terephthalate mean anything? Or PET? Hint… it’s not your dog or cat. Another hint … it was first recycled in 1977.

Yep it’s plastic all right

There are numbers on all plastic bottles inside a chasing arrow sign to determine if it can be recycled. It’s called a recycle sign. PET bottles have a number 1. HDPE bottles have a number 2. As of 2010, we recycled about 29% of these bottles. Does this sound pretty good?

Think again

There are 5.1 billion pounds of the stuff available for recycling in the USA. We’re only recycling a little more than a quarter of it. And it takes 500 years, on average, for a plastic bottle to biodegrade.

So what’s the big deal?

Well if we were to recycle a ton of plastic we could save 3.8 barrels of petroleum. Recycling, instead of creating new plastic, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and we could save landfill space that’s at a premium.

You’re not into recycling?

Well you could do two things. Reduce your usage of plastic. Did you ever notice most producers of cleaning products warn against reusing their plastic bottles? PetKeeper Secrets bottles can be used dozens of times.

If you drink from water bottles, fill up a glass jar and take it with you instead of using plastic. Or do what some folks do and reuse those plastic bottles to create some fabulous, yet useful ideas.

Clever indeed …

How about sea creatures like jelly fish? Or a purse made from plastic bottles. Just Google Images and type in “recycling ideas” and a host of ingenious designs should get your creative juices flowing.

How can you help?

Considering we throw away enough plastic bottles to circle the earth 4 times, it does make a difference to increase your recycling efforts. It’s also noteworthy to reduce purchasing plastic anything and use glass instead. It’s better for your hormones and your health!

Germany’s got us beat by the way…

They’re on track to eliminate their landfills by 2020. And who knows, they probably not only brush their teeth three times a day but I hear calling mom is one of their top priorities!

PetKeeper Secrets bottles can be reused over and over again and are recyclable. It’s ingredients are perfectly safe for you and your family of pets!

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