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Partner Animal Shelter & Rescue Intro

PetKeeper Secrets works with animal shelters, and animal rescues throughout the country to help save pets’ lives. This is done through our Partner Shelter programs that help in many ways, including:

1. Provide a highly effective product that is non-hazardous

PetKeeper Secrets Pet Odor & Stain Remover DOES NOT contain alcohols or other VOCs. It can be sprayed directly into the air. In addition, it can be applied directly to problem spots. The dual action formula also means it can be used to remove a variety of pet stains as well! This product can be used on almost any surface and does NOT leave behind a sticky or re-soiling mess. It is also fragrance FREE. It neutralizes and dehydrates the odors, so there is no need to replace one odor with another.

2. Help gain funds

PetKeeper Secrets work hard to provide our product to animal shelters and rescue groups at the best possible wholesale rate, even though most organizations can’t make the large “wholesale” orders traditionally required. Online partner recognition makes it easy for partner shelters to make profit from online sales, even if they don’t have a physical retail space.

3. Working together to create or promote effective pet retention programs.

PetKeeper Secrets will share with you how it is currently being used in a very effective pet retention program and how to do it yourselves. Knowing that one retention program might not be the best fit for every organization, we are constantly interacting with our partners to learn of, create, and put more effective pet retention programs into practice.

4. Bring together information and knowledge bases from each of our partner shelters, which can be openly accessed.

PetKeeper Secrets knows you have great ideas. Every partner shelter has some unique processes and ways of doing things. We do our best to bring the most effective of these ideas and processes out into the open so others can use them too.

5. Provide access to educational materials.

We are developing and provide access to a variety of articles and other educational tools to help effectively get information to the people who need it. Straight forward and relevant information is needed by everyone including: people, pet owners, animal welfare organizations, and businesses.

photo Mike fry
“Whoever understands this business model, will get excited about it!”
Mike Fry
Director of Animal Ark
Hastings, MN


If you are with an animal shelter or animal rescue group and would like more information, fill out the form below. We’ll immediately send you more information including a case study, and then follow up with you to answer any further questions. We look forward to partnering with you, and know that together we can enrich the lives of both people and pets!

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