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Pet Odor Exterminating Candles: Don’t Use Them

Pet Odor Exterminating Candles:  Don’t Use Them

Here’s a quiz: what does a beach cover-up, the government and make-up have in common? They cover things up. If you are using a pet odor-exterminating candle you are not only masking odors but much more.

Good scents?
Scented candles might be nice to smell, but they are made of synthetics. It used to be (40 plus years ago) scents and perfumes were made of real herbs and flowers. Not so today. Most scents are manufactured using petroleum-based ingredients. They are cheap to produce and they hold the scent in the air longer, that’s why they are used. Manufacturers are free to put in what works best for them, not you. There’s no regulation on what ingredients can be used.

Petroleum based ingredients, so what?

Well if the scent of real flowers isn’t floating in the air, what are you smelling? In her book, Get a Whiff of This: Perfumes – the Invisible Chemical Poisons, author Connie Pitts states, “Some scented candles contain acetone, benzene, lead, carbon monoxide, toluene and more.” And these, my friends, are toxic fumes.

Foreign made stuff
Pet odor-exterminating candles are made in China and frankly Chinese ingredients are suspect. Think I’m making this up? Natural Grocers is a health food based grocery store located in several states. They are diligent about what ingredients are allowed in their store. This is what Natural Grocers says about any product made from Chinese ingredients, “If the product contains Chinese ingredients, then we will need to see third party certification for those ingredients including purity assays, heavy metal tests and microbial tests.”

Your nose doesn’t know
Pet odor-exterminating candle, including air fresheners do not eliminate odors. They simply mask one odor for another while deadening your nerves with another ingredient to diminish your sense of smell.

What this bad air does to you
The scents you’re breathing are called a volatile organic compound or VOC. They can cause you to be dizzy, have headaches, be fatigued easily, create stuffy noses and sore throats. Keep those scents going and long term you’re looking at real health issues with nervous system damage, chronic lung disease, asthma, migraines and more.

What this bad air does to your home

Did you know the burning wax creates minute soot particles that are released in the air. Unbeknownst to you these particles attach themselves to your walls, curtains and furniture. Have you noticed it’s harder to breathe? Your air is dirtier as well as your home.

Throw them away

Stop covering up odors in your home. Scented pet exterminating candles and air fresheners are a danger to you and your family, period. Don’t buy scented anything. These products are moneymakers for manufacturers and absolutely terrible for you and your health. Think they are going to pay your doctor bills? Which are you going to choose?

• Scented candles contain toxic ingredients made from petroleum
• Scents can cause health problems both short and long term
• Candles make your home dirtier and can be a fire hazard
• Keep your home clean so you don’t have to mask odors

PetKeeper Secrets eliminates odors, safely without nerve deadening agents or scents. It is fragrance free. In fact it’s made of minerals mined in the USA. How does it work? It grabs odor molecules, surrounds them and drops them to the ground where they are dehydrated. Sounds pretty safe to me, how ‘bout you?