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Pet Odor in Your Home? Why You Might Want to be Thankful…

Pet Odor in Your Home? Why You Might Want to be Thankful…

The chili had been made, then forgotten in the back of the refrigerator. Nope it wasn’t the five–alarm fire variety, nor did it have two kinds of meat. But it was stinking up my refrigerator pretty bad. It’s a good thing I could smell it.

But what if you couldn’t smell?

While losing your sense of smell is not life threatening, it can cause depression and affect your mental health. It can be dangerous because if you can’t smell, you won’t be able to distinguish rotten food from good, or a propane burner on a grill that’s gone out, for instance.

Accidents happen

A blunt trauma to the head or face can be the cause, but not always. Losing your smell sense is called anosmia (an·os·mi·a). It means smell blindness and unfortunately it happens to about 2 million folks in the US.

23,000 times

Losing your hearing or eyesight is life changing, but the ability to smell? Humans inhale about twenty-three thousand times a day. So 1400 times an hour you’re not using your schnozzle. So, if you couldn’t smell, what aroma would you miss the most?

Can you guess?

It’s people. Every time we get close to a loved one, we breathe human scent. Give them a hug and not only are we getting squeezed back, but we smell them. Ever breathe in that aroma of the top of your children’s head? It’s wonderful.

Next time pet odor knocks you out

So, if you have pet odor in your home, thank your lucky stars you can smell it. Then get right to the source of the pet odor, remove the offending mess, and clean the area well with PetKeeper Secrets Pet Odor & Stain Remover. It can even remove odor in your refrigerator from chili gone bad ☺

PetKeeper Secrets Pet Odor & Stain Remover works great for all kinds of odor. You can freely spray it into the air unlike enzyme or bacteria based odor removers. Please don’t spray enzyme- based products into the air, they can compromise your health.

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