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Pet Stain Removers: Which One Works Instantly

Pet Stain Removers: Which One Works Instantly

When I was growing up I waited. In the car. At the grocery. We only had one car, so if my dad wanted to stop for a drink my mom, sister and I were stuck waiting for what seemed like hours…

And In good faith you buy a pet stain remover, only to find it’s not removing the stain very well. Why? Did you know most products, and I’m talking 95% of them, are made with enzymes. Now this isn’t so bad. Enzymes do a lot of work like in your laundry for instance. Some digest fats. Some digest starches. This is what enzymes in pet stain removers do, too, digest things. But, just like it takes us three hours to digest a steak, it takes enzymes time to digest. But what if we don’t have time? Should you use it anyway? Well, you spray it on and hope for the best, right?

Get it wrong
If you don’t let it sit, it’s not going to work very well and if it doesn’t work very well, guess who’s going to go back to that area again and pee or worse, poo? Oh, and not only is time against you, the temperature is too. Enzymes also need the ideal temperature and moisture content. If you’ve got your air on and it’s freezing inside, enzymes are just going to not work fast. They’ll take their sweet ol’ time which works against you because you don’t have time.

How to get it right
Try something different. Minerals. They don’t need time to dwell. They don’t need ideal conditions either. In fact minerals work instantly. What’s more the minerals in PetKeeper Secrets digest things, too. Like fats, starches and proteins. It works like an enzyme, but without the wait.

Another plus
And what’s more, minerals won’t cause an allergic reaction like enzyme-based pet stain removers can. Why? Because minerals were never living. Anything that was living (petroleum based products, or bacteria or enzymes, alcohols) can cause allergies. Who wants to use a pet stain remover that can cause you or your family to react adversely to a cleaning product?

…Now that I’m an adult, If I find myself waiting, I’m not too concerned. I usually bring a book or a knitting project with me whereever I go. Problem solved.

And if you’re tired of waiting for your pet stain remover to work, reach for 100% mineral-based PetKeeper Secrets. It works instantly☺
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