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Pet Odor? Why PetKeeper Secrets is the Swiss Army Knife of Pet Odor & Stain Removers!

Pet Odor? Why PetKeeper Secrets is the Swiss Army Knife of Pet Odor & Stain Removers!

It cuts things. It pops off bottle tops. It’s a wine opener. It files nails. It’s a very handy tool that some folks claim they can’t live without.

Got pets?

You can’t live without them either. No way. They’re our pillow when we’re sleeping, a warm comfort when our partner is gone; the very best friend. And yup, they can make a mess sometimes.

That’s why you need the Swiss Army knife of cleaners

Just like a Swiss Army knife, PetKeeper Secrets cleans more things in one bottle than should be allowed! Cat pee smells? Spray it in the air to remove odors. Urine on carpet? Spray it on liberally and blot away the smell and the wet spot. Dirt and grime from doggy prints? Spray it on flooring, the baseboard or what have you to remove the gunk. In other words if you have pet odor, there is an honest-to-goodness real solution.

No gooey science here

What’s the secret? It’s in the minerals. Minerals are inorganic which simply means they are not living. And if minerals have not ever been alive, they cannot cause any kind of allergy. That’s why you can spray PetKeeper Secrets freely into the air without harm to you or your pets.

Quick advantage

If your best friend or kitty just peed on your carpet, you’ve got to act quickly. PetKeeper Secrets minerals act fast to remove dirt and messes unlike enzymes and bacteria. Enzymes and bacteria need two things to work: time and temperature. Get either one wrong and it won’t be as effective.

Thorough cleaning ability

PetKeeper Secrets minerals are composed of short chain molecules. Tiny size molecules can remove dirt and odor very effectively because they can squeeze into the smallest of areas (think carpet fibers etc.). Other pet odor and stain removers contain long chain molecules. This means they have a hard time getting into small areas, so are limited in what and how they clean.

To sum it all up:

PetKeeper Secrets numerous Swiss Army knife capabilities:

  • Spray it freely into the air, anywhere, without harm to you or your pets.
  • Spray it on litter boxes, the dog bed or car seat, any pet odor, even stinky shoes.
  • Clean up cat or dog urine, feces, vomit on carpet, upholstery, clothing or any soft surface.
  • Remove dirt, grime and gunk on wood or tile flooring, baseboards, mini blinds, walls or on any hard surface, even counter tops (we know cats’ don’t jump on your counter, but they surely do on ours ☺).

PetKeeper Secrets it’s really 3 products in 1 bottle. Got clean up? Why not buy a bottle of the Swiss Army knife of pet odor & stain removers? What can you lose except pet odor, spots, stains and dirt!