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2-Pack Concentrate Refill Only


2-Pack Concentrate Refill Only

$16.95 $13.95

A pack contains concentrate powder refills. This refill 2-Pack makes 2-32oz bottles.
If you’re tired of pet stains, try this! What’s the secret? It’s made with 100% pure minerals.
Remove pet stains on carpet, upholstery or other hard surfaces easily.
Use on dog or cat urine, feces, vomit and other messes in your home or car. Safe for both you and your pets.
100% hypoallergenic. Fragrance free. No volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Made in USA. Eco-friendly. Works fantastic!



Cat urine odor removal made easy! 100% mineral-based PetKeeper Secrets works wonders for cat urine odor removal, dog urine smell and all sorts of other pet odors. Not only does it work great for cat urine odor removal but it removes stains as well. Mineral ingredients make clean up faster, easier and safer than enzyme or bacteria-based products.

Product arrives as concentrate so all you have to do is pour one packet into a bottle, then add water. Because it’s concentrate, it’s less impactful to the environment by 75 times!

PetKeeper Secrets is so much more than just a pet odor and stain remover:
1.) Spray it freely into the air to remove all kinds of odors- vomit, cat urine odors, rabbit and dog odors, feces and more.
2.) Spray it on hard surfaces (flooring, painted wood, plastic) to remove odors and general dirt and grime.
3.) Spray it on soft surfaces to remove spots and stains on carpeting, upholstery, auto interiors, or clothing.