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Raw Cat Food: Should You Switch?

Raw Cat Food: Should You Switch?

Misty lived for 20 years. She ate a raw cat food diet. She was as healthy as could possibly be. Who was behind this long-lived feline? My friend, Linda.

Into raw food, too
Besides frequenting the library, shopping exclusively at thrift stores and being opinionated about current news events, this woman knows how to eat and eat well.

Pets are no different
She just adopted the neighbor’s cat (the neighbor moved and didn’t take this friendly short haired boy) and I got to see first hand how she fed him. It was easy, inexpensive and my goodness, a revelation.

Not how I feed my cat
When we adopted a stray I went to the store and got dry but healthy cat food. You know the kind; meat is the first ingredient. No corn or wheat but a small amount of rice.

Linda takes it a step farther
When Rusty, (she just named him) started hanging out at her front door, she’d throw him a raw chicken leg; bones and all.

More than chicken

Liver. Gizzards. Fish. That was the list she gave her children when they walked to the grocery. Raw cat food is better for cats. They have naturally acidic stomachs and short digestive tracts perfect for eating raw meals. What’s more, eating raw bones and all cleans their teeth.

Clean up at the grocery?
I was curious about cost. So did a little checking not only on price but ingredients. A pound of gizzards or chicken liver costs .10 an oz. So a pound of either one would cost you 1.60.

Jump in prepared food
A standard size can of cat food is anywhere from 13 to 42 cents an oz. So, you’d be paying 2.08 to 6.72 a pound for the food. At 6 dollars a pound, that’s pretty expensive. Water was the first ingredient. And we aren’t even talking healthy ingredients here.

Dry food is worse

Pricing is similar for dry but what is really noticeable are the ingredients. Have you ever seen a feline, in the wild, eat corn, wheat gluten, or soybeans? Me neither.

So how does Linda do it?
When it’s mealtime, Linda throws the raw cat food in a bowl. That’s it. No scooping the food out of a bag, no measuring. Nothing could be easier. Except you might have to do a bit of clean up. Cats are going to drag that meat out of the dish and eat it right off the floor.

Will cats eat anything raw?
Being the frugal woman that she is, my friend decided to make her own beef jerky. When the 15 pounds arrived at her front door, she could barely lift it. Once on the kitchen counter, she had to slice it into thinner pieces for the jerky and of course there were left over scraps. You guessed it, raw cat food. Did Rusty eat it with gusto? Well, you’ve heard that cats are finicky? Let’s just say he was used to eating chicken… ☺

Yes, we’ve digressed from pet odors and stains. We hope you don’t mind…
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