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Rehoming: Better Than Time in a Shelter

Rehoming: Better Than Time in a Shelter

The sign on the door of Lola’s cage said Owner Surrender. She was huddled in the back corner of her pen and wouldn’t budge. The food in her cage had not been eaten. Peering into her domain only brought a more frightened look into her eyes.

Poor Lola

She wasn’t the only one. In the animal shelter where I volunteer, there are many cats like her. The younger ones are easier to work with and less frightened, but by far, most are adult cats.

There are Siamese mixes, long-haired black cats that are absolutely gorgeous and short-haired felines with golden eyes, just to name a few. Beauties: all of them. You wonder why someone would drop off an animal here. It’s a dismal place.

52 spaces
That’s the max for felines at this shelter. The lucky ones get marked for foster homes and the rest? If they are shy, frightened or won’t come around, they are ear marked to be PTS (put to sleep).

What can you do
Please don’t drop off your feline or Fido at an animal shelter. Rehoming is much better. A shelter it’s really no place for a dog, especially a cat. They are scared, and mighty unhappy there.

Rehoming simply means you find a home for them, yourself. Ask your friends, put up signs at the neighborhood hang out, post on Craigslist. If your cat (or dog) has soil behavior problems and you find yourself having to remove urine on your carpet, it doesn’t mean your pet will do the same at someone else’s house. Honest.

Cage rage
Cats need attention and care. When they don’t get enough, and they DO NOT get enough loving attention in an animal shelter, they can get cage rage and turn introverted. In the shelter where I volunteer, animals are put to sleep daily. Your cat could be one of them. Re-homing is kinder for the cat you once loved….

Rehoming is better

  • Your beloved pet will receive undivided attention from the new owner
  • Cats and dogs will be happier and less frightened
  • Post your rehoming efforts on FB, place signs at neighborhood coffee shops.
  • Keep at it. There are many people out there wishing for a pet like yours!

If you are rehoming and odors and stains are an issue in your home or carpet, use 100% mineral-based PetKeeper Secrets. It’s guaranteed to work or your money back! Odor free. Enzyme free. Safe to use.