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How to Remove Rotten Fish Smell From Your Dog

How to Remove Rotten Fish Smell From Your Dog

How to remove rotten fish smell from your dog:

Pretty stinky, eh? … A friend of ours, Mike Fry, Director of Animal Ark in Hastings, MN was on a road trip. He had four more hours to go and he needed to stretch his legs as well as his dog needed to use up some energy. They both got out of the car. As dogs are wont to do, he scampered ahead of Mike with his nose sniffing the scent of something… and rolled right into rotten fish. What to do? If he didn’t fix the problem he, his dog and his entire car would reek. Quick thinker that he is, Mike sprayed PetKeeper Secrets all over his dog. Problem solved and trip continued without incident. Both pet and owner were happy and odor free!