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Switching Kitty Litter? Choose One Your Kitty will be Keen to Use

Switching Kitty Litter? Choose One Your Kitty will be Keen to Use

She howled. She did not want to put her hands or her feet on this weird surface. When my daughter was a baby we were outside trying to set her down on the grass …

Sensitive feet

Just like that baby didn’t like the feel of the grass on her feet, cats might not like the way kitty litter feels on their feet, either. They have sensitive paws. If you’ve just changed brands and she’s putting her paws on the edge of the box, or refuses to dig or cover litter, it might be time to reconsider says cat expert Pam Johnson-Bennett in her book, Starting From Scratch.

A few choices

There are at least three kinds of litter: clay, crystals and scoop-able litter. Scoop-able litter most resembles the dirt she would dig in if she were an outside cat. It is soft and somewhat sandy, purrfect digging material.

Wrong kind

Avoid scented litter. What we think smells great, could stink to high heavens to your kitty. They smell more acutely than we do and it could be the reason for rejecting the litter box.

How to change brands

Changing kitty litter? Don’t change it all at once. Cats stress easily and are anxious creatures. It takes about five to seven days to change brands. Add some daily until you’ve got most of the new litter in the box.

Or try this instead

Grab a new box and new litter. Place the boxes fairly close to one another. If your feline starts to use the new litter totally (over the course of a several days, not in one day) you’ve just discovered her preference.

The grass experience?

My daughter got used to the feeling of grass on her feet. Your feline will get used to new litter too, if you just relax and move slowly.:)


  • Litter should be no less than about 3” in depth
  • Avoid scented kitty litter
  • Change brands slowly
  • Try adding a different brand of litter to a new box
  • Please don’t flush litter down the toilet
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