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Here’s what satisfied pet owners (and others) are saying:

Natalie Reyes – Events Coordinator, San Antonio Pet’s Alive
Chris Gray – also owns Seven Oaks Kennel in Spring Branch, TX


“My name is Zoe, I manage a little rescue only pet shop called Andy’s in San Jose. Having foster animals in the shop & at home- we have a lot of messes!
Your representative came in, I was skeptical, he gave me a sample to take home & try.
First thing when I got home- I attacked the 3-year old vomit stain on my carpet- it came right up! First try! I had tried 4 other products on the same spot, none worked.
When we got new carpet in the house, one foster dog got sick & had bad diarrhea, not a problem!
I absolutely love this stuff!!! I always have it at home, I even give a bottle to all my friends that adopt pets, & recommend it to adopters at Andy’s. Love your product- can’t live without it! Thank you!”

Zoe an animal rescuer in San Jose, CA.


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“LOVE this product!!”

Barbara O. in Salem, VA


“Everyone says their product is magic but yours really is! (I used it around my cat’s litterbox area where there are—sorry, were—some stains that I’d previously given up on: now they’re gone!)”

Rachel S. belongs to at least one kitty in Tucson, AZ


I have 4 dogs, 3 cats, and regularly foster animals. I have tried nearly every product on the market and nothing removes stains and odors like this. You have my business for life.

Sabrina H. belongs to 4 dogs, 3 cats and is a foster to many in Frederick, CO


“It has out performed anything we’ve tried…”

Mike Fry, Just One Day, MN

I have a 4 year old Pom who is trained or should I say has us trained to let her out… yet has “accidents” 1 every week or 2. I find your product works wonders on our ivory carpet to get all stains out. I have used an all natural ginger smelling product in years past but yours works better!!

Betsy P. belongs to 1 dog in Glenwood, MN


“I like the fact that I can spray it on the stain on my carpet, use a damp cloth to wipe and I do not have to work at getting soap or solvent out of the carpet as well. Also, I’m aware that some stains will return until I’ve cleaned them several times, but I did have stains that I’ve used the product on and they have not returned. And of course, no more pet odor on the carpet!”

Would you recommend PetKeeper Secrets? “Absolutely!! Without hesitation, and in fact, I already have!

“Not only is this a product that does what is says it will do, I also like the fact that the company is working with shelters and rescue organizations, “paying if forward” in a sense. This makes me feel even better about spending my money with this company!”

Melora N. belongs to 3 dogs in SLO, CA


“My two cats peed in the dining room on the hardwood floor. The first time I used [PetKeeper Secrets] it was fine, but they would go back over there and sniff. I then sprayed it once more and they never went back there again.

I like the fact that it’s all natural and safe for my cats. I like how the big the bottle is. I like the spray nozzle. It’s not the dinky kind where it feels like it’s going to break in my hand.

I would recommend PetKeeper Secrets because it’s all natural and it works.”

Montana S. belongs to 2 cats in Los Gatos, CA


This is a truly excellent cleaner! I chose it because it’s all natural and mineral based and I’ve been very happy with the results. I got a bad coffee stain on my jeans and decided to test Pet Keeper Secrets Stain remover. It got the whole stain out as if it had never been there without having to throw my jeans in the washer. I highly recommend it!

Julia C. San Luis Obispo, CA


 I am amazed at the marked difference in  my home. I have two dogs and my son and I live in a very small condo. The odors of cooking, pets and two people living in such a small space is gone! The stains on my tile are gone, on my carpet gone. Very easy to use and it works. It is so refreshing to have a product do exactly what it says it can. Thank you.

Terry D. belongs to 2 dogs in Los Osos, CA


My daughter became a designated driver over the weekend and a friend of hers vomited in our car. I used PetKeeper Secrets and it got rid of the smell IMMEDIATELY!

Rusty D. Los Osos, CA


If you are looking for an environmentally friendly multi-purpose product to help keep pet stains and odors at bay, PetKeeper Secrets is one I can recommend.

Pet Product


I feed our cat raw food, and after a liver dinner one evening, she regurgitated right on the living room rug. Ugh. I could not get that liver stain out. I tried every cleaner on the super market shelf, I tried enzymes, I tried Rug Doctor. Nothing worked. A year later, I mentioned to a friend my problem and that I was going to throw the rug out. He came right over with PetKeeper Secrets, sprayed it on the rug, blotted it with a rag and the stain was completely gone. It was like magic.

Cathy C. belongs to three cats in Groton, MA


 I don’t clean my tile floor very frequently. I used to use scouring powder to get rid of the dirt. Now I use it to clean my tile flooring. I literally just wipe it up. No more scrubbing. I love, love, love this product!

Denise M. Tucson, AZ


 It’s magic. I love it! It’s like a super hero neutralizing odors.

Barb Z. belongs to 3 dogs, 4 cats in Morro Bay, CA


It works really, really well. It sucks the odor right out of the air.

Daniel C. belongs to 2 cats in Houston, TX


…what a really excellent product! My boyfriend has a very sweet Black Lab and unfortunately Black labs are notorious for having anal gland issues and hers is the WORST! As you can imagine the repugnant odor is very offensive and extremely difficult to get out of the carpet and out of the air. I have spent countless (and I do mean COUNTLESS) hours shampooing the carpet and tons of money on cleaning products (even well known pet stain cleaners) and air fresheners. As you can imagine this has caused a lot of tension between my fella and I as I feel like my home, my private sanctuary has been tainted and is nearly unbearable to spend time in.  When I received your product I immediately put it to use and OMG I am just so amazed, the smell is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced (it’s probably gone but I have obsessed over the smell for months thus I probably think it’s stronger than it really is). I just want to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Meghan T. Portland, OR


I own an older dog who has accidents every night. I love it! It works and has no overpowering scent.

Jan Salem belongs to 1 older dog in San Luis Obispo, CA


…I used it on spots in the shop and they came clean. Then we tried PetKeeper Secrets in the grooming room. We put it on very stubborn areas and it lifted it right out. We’re hooked!

Pet shop owner Loretta T. Belmont, MA


 I have tried many pet and stain removal products with some mediocre results BUT your Pet Odor and Stain remover does it with hardly any work from me!  In fact, it works so well that I don’t have any stains on my cream colored carpet!  I had to shampoo this carpet at least 6 times over a 4 month period as it always looked dirty and stained.   Then, when the humidity started again, here come the stains again.  Your product took care of all those old stains plus no odor anymore!  I love the safe  mineral base and no fragrance which usually is just a cover-up for a short period of time.  You hit the jackpot with this wonderful product.  I ordered some extra product to share with my sister who has some pet problems too.  She doesn’t believe me that this product can do what it is suppose to do!!  I can’t wait for her to try it because I know she will be amazed.

Nancy J. Robbinsdale, MN


The Duck Inn in Wadsworth, IL is a local bar where folks could eat, drink, smoke and play pool since 1976. Fast forward to the present. Smoking is no longer allowed. They wanted to put in an arcade but the local authority refused to issue them a license until the bar was odor free. Hard to do since patrons smoked inside for 35 years. To rid the bar of the odor would require major work including down time for the bar, which was not an option. Dave Tepper fogged PetKeeper Secrets inside the building. It was very successful and become odor free. This is what Duck Inn had to say, ” The business smells great! We had a stale smoke odor and it is completely gone. We are very satisfied.”

Duck Inn Wadsworth, IL


We have an older dog that is having trouble moving around so there are times that she makes a mess on my floors or the carpet.  I have used your product several times and found it to be great at neutralizing the smell and cleaning the area so that the other dogs do not add to the problem. We are very pleased with the product.

Pat M. belongs to 1 dog in San Francisco, CA


I’ve got to tell you the pet odor and stain remover, whether you have a dog or a cat is awesome. I don’t know what’s the magic in the bottle, but it works. It’s a phenomenal product. I’m glad we found it.

Keith K. Dallas, TX


“I have two dogs and one of my dogs puked something horrible. It was green, maybe they ate grass or something. I followed the instructions and it worked great!”

Chris S. belongs to 2 dogs in Houston, TX


I could sell this stuff. This is an amazing product!

Julie B. Austin, TX


I had a three-year old puke stain and PetKeeper Secrets got it out of my rug. I love this stuff! I has my Rescue Stamp of Approval.

Zoey at Andy’s Pet Shop in San Jose, CA


I have been using it on my car, clothes and even shoes. It really works wonders on everything.

Tyler S. Los Osos, CA

Absolutely love your product. I use it as an air freshener all the time. Have currently been testing it on ancient mystery stains and it has worked on every one. I even tried it on a nearly 6 year old tomato based stain in my mother’s car. Amazingly it pulled the stain to the surface and nearly got it all out on the first try. Will have to work on it again… but that’s pretty fantastic. I cannot say enough about how great your product is. Hopefully you will be at the Pet Expo in Houston again in 2015 🙂

Vanessa K. Houston, TX


Somehow grease got on the rug in the back of my truck. I stepped in it and got grease all over the passenger seat. Our neighbors are the inventors of a cleaning product, it’s not just for pets, it’s just how they are marketing it. They gave us a bottle. I just used some on the fabric and it got the grease off. This stuff is awesome!

Jana T. belongs to Pebbles and is also a trucker in Spring Branch, TX


“Everyone says their product is magic but yours really is! (I used it around my cat’s litterbox area where there are—sorry, were—some stains that I’d previously given up on: now they’re gone!)”

Rachel S. belongs to at least one kitty in Tucson, AZ