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How to Use a Carpet Spot Cleaner Like a Pro for Great Results

How to Use a Carpet Spot Cleaner Like a Pro for Great Results

The kitchen is small. The freezer is tiny. If it’s cold inside the furnace warms it up like there’s no tomorrow. That’s the beauty of living in a toothpaste tube.

That’s what my friend calls it
You could say it’s a tiny house. And it is. Living in an RV is simple. Cleaning is quick and vacuuming takes about 2 minutes. But some days you need to spend a bit more time in the maintenance department.

The carpet was dirty from shoes, walking around with dirty socks and spilled liquids. What to do? Rent a Rug Doctor? There’s no attachment to get into small spaces. Hiring a carpet-cleaning firm to do the job would be expensive. So we actually bought a carpet spot cleaner machine.

And promptly threw away the instructions
It said in plain English, to only use their cleaning solution in the cleaning tank because anything else could be a fire hazard (think solvent cleaning products). Well, we didn’t use anything in the tank, except H20. Yep, that’s right.

Sprayed it on floor
We used a bottle of PetKeeper Secrets and sprayed it liberally on the carpet. Next we filled the machine with water and started cleaning/sucking the liquid from the carpet. It was tidy in no time. But dry? Not sure what we did, but it did it need a few days to dry. We weren’t worried. PetKeeper Secrets dehydrates as it dries so there’s no worry about mold.

If you’re looking for a carpet spot cleaner, (and who isn’t with dogs, cats, children or messy husbands and untidy wives) go ahead, use PetKeeper Secrets. It’s safe to use around all of them. Dehydrates too so there’s no worries about mold if it takes a while to dry. What’s the secret? The magic is in the minerals.

Photo courtesy of Rissmu from Sarajevo.

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