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Who’s Earthing. You or Your Dog?

Who’s Earthing. You or Your Dog?

My neighbor, Gene walks his Shih Tzu, Tippy, every morning. Gene wears shoes. Tippy is walking in the grass. Tippy is earthing. Gene is not.

Which is better?
According to recent energy medicine studies, walking barefoot on the earth, gaining the earth’s energy, can help you live healthier: earthing reduces your heart rate, relieves inflammation and stress and can help you sleep better.

Where to “do” earthing?
Best places to do earthing or grounding are wet sand at the beach or walking on grass in the early morning dew. It’s also been known certain communities in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria walk barefoot in the morning.

So, is Gene missing out?
Hardly. While we can’t say for certain you’ll gain energy from your canine, studies on pet ownership do show owning a pet can relieve loneliness, reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease and reduce stress and anxiety.

Next time you’re outside, consider walking in the grass in your bare feet, or if you can’t do that….just give your dog a big hug. It’s a great stress reliever. ☺

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