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What are the Top Five Carpet Stains and Why Are They So Hard to Remove?

What are the Top Five Carpet Stains and Why Are They So Hard to Remove?

Butternut squash was baking in the oven. As a matter of fact some of the juices leaked onto the glass pie plate it was being baked on, and turned it into a burnt, black mess. But my husband thought it smelled great.

Just like coffee

Roasted coffee actually. And speaking of coffee, did you know coffee is one of the top five hardest spots to get out of carpeting? It wouldn’t be called a spot anymore either. It’s become a stain.

Good bye white carpet, hello new color!

A stain means it has actually dyed the carpet fibers. That’s why it’s so difficult to remove. Pet urine is a piece of cake compared to coffee, mustard, ketchup, red wine and permanent marker (the top five).

Temporary it isn’t

No matter what carpet stain remover you use, they will all have challenges with the top five. Best thing to do is blot the area (except for permanent marker) with clean, absorbent towels until no more liquid or matter is absorbed. If you have expensive or brand new carpet or the spot is eye-catching, call a professional. It’s really the safest, surest way to remove or at least minimize that stain.

Loaded with butter

The butternut squash was delicious, and the coffee? We surely didn’t drink it in the carpeted living room.

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