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What’s the Best Car Air Freshener?

What’s the Best Car Air Freshener?

Cotton candy. Candy apples. Turkey legs. Coconut. Bacon. Sounds pretty delicious, eh? Would you believe these are air freshener scents available to buy?


Plenty of choices
While some of these scents aren’t geared for the car, the automotive air care category does include a small variety of delivery systems. They include plug-in air fresheners for the vents, sprays, and of course Little Trees.
Everyone recognizes them
Little Trees were invented in the 1950’s when a milkman complained about the smell of spilled milk in his delivery truck. It just so happened a chemist friend he was talking with had just gotten back from the Canadian wilderness studying aromatic oil in pine trees. The result? Royal Pine scent became the first air freshener designed to hang on a rear view mirror.
Reflect on this
Yes, they might smell good, but why use them? They don’t eliminate odors. If you read the instructions on plug-ins, manufacturers claim their product removes or eliminates odors, but what they really do is just mask the odor, not eliminate it.
Creates a bigger problem
Fragranced air fresheners give off VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can harm you. If you’ve put an air freshener in your car and you feel dizzy, your throat’s become raspy, you’ve suddenly come down with a headache or become tired when you drive, it could be the air freshener.
Drive it out
Get rid of it. Clean your car instead. Throw away the trash. Clean the upholstery and carpet. Once that’s done, if the smell still remains, use an odor neutralizer. They don’t mask the stink. They chemically change an odor so we can’t smell it. They are odor free and they are quite safe to spray in the air to remove any lingering odors.
Gotta forge ahead anyway?
Well, consider the long-term effects. The EPA’s view is long-term exposure to VOCs can cause cancer, asthma or worsening of asthma, kidney and central nervous system harm. VOCs especially are a concern for children and those with compromised immune systems.
Avoid confusion
So, the best car air freshener is an odor neutralizer. Spray it. Then forget about it.

You’ll be healthier and feel healthier so when you do eat that occasional cotton candy, it won’t even phase you.:)
PetKeeper Secrets is an odor neutralizer. It’s made of the magic of 100% minerals. It’s quite safe to spray into the air. It’s also does a remarkable job of cleaning soft surfaces like carpet and upholstery. You can even use it on your dashboard.