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Organic? Inorganic? Which Pet Odor and Stain Remover Should You Choose?

Organic? Inorganic? Which Pet Odor and Stain Remover Should You Choose?

They were pounding their fist on the table; all three of them! Faster and faster they went. It was all in fun though for they were playing the game: Rock, Paper, Scissors.

And when you choose a pet odor and stain remover you are playing a game, too whether you know it or not. One might produce allergies. One won’t.

You’ve heard of organic? We’re not talking organic food. It’s a chemistry term. Simply put organic means anything that is or was made of living things. So petroleum (it was living plant matter at one time) based cleaning products are organic. And so are alcohol-based products. And an enzyme or bacteria based pet odor and stain remover is also an organic.

Inorganic means it’s has never been living. Minerals are inorganic such as salt. Metals such as iron, lead and copper are all inorganic. So is sand as well as rocks.

So you have an inorganic pet odor and stain remover, so what?
An inorganic cannot cause allergies. So, a pet odor and stain remover made entirely of minerals will not cause you to sneeze, wheeze, itch your eyes or promote a runny nose.

Tissue anyone?
Are you one of the 50 million? That’s how many people have been estimated to suffer with allergies in the USA. And it’s been increasing since the ‘80’s. So, if you suffer from allergies, why use a product that could increase your discomfort?

Can you spell relief?
According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America there is no cure for allergies. Given this sobering news, what could you do to reduce allergy potential? Purchase a product made of minerals would be the right answer.

Mineral-based, PetKeeper Secrets is also odor free. Why? Because anything with a scent or fragrance contains an organic, and you know what organics can do right? Cause allergies.

If it’s Rock, Paper or Scissors, choose the Rock (aka minerals). It’s guaranteed to be the inorganic, allergy free variety.

PetKeeper Secrets, the leading brand of any mineral-based pet odor and stain remover is completely safe to use. It won’t cause allergies, guaranteed. What’s the secret? The magic is in the minerals.