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Why Choosing the Wrong Litter Box Could Cause Problems Right from the Start

Why Choosing the Wrong Litter Box Could Cause Problems Right from the Start

More than a few years ago we were fledgling tree thinners and were climbing a remote mountain area to begin our workday. We came to a fork in the road. Should we turn right or left? We chose the one on the right and it was a big mistake…

How do you choose?

There are many litter box varieties. How do you pick one? Do you pick a model that works with your décor or for your convenience? This is an odd question but your cat is the one who is going to use the box. Selecting the wrong box could mean cat pee odor in other areas of your home, so consider carefully.

Study your cat

Cats are hunters by nature. So when choosing a litter box, consider the openings in the box itself. Could they escape from more than one direction? Is there only one way out and one way in? As hunters, they need to have more than one way to escape.

Kitty conditions

Smaller boxes for kittens are fine, but as they mature, they’ll need a bigger size. Older cats might have health issues that could prevent them from stepping into a high-sided box. Larger breeds of felines just need a larger box. Multi-cat homes need more than one box.

Covered alternatives

Domed units are an option but are they best for your feline? These boxes can retain dampness because air can’t circulate and dry out urine and feces. Damp cat pee smells, which will turn off your cat from using the box. Lidded boxes also mean you have to remove the lid to clean the box.


Self-cleaners could scare your cat away if they start cleaning while the cat is near. Cats are anxious creatures so your cat might not want to go near that scary box again. 3” to 4” of litter is ideal, yet sometimes self-cleaners don’t have enough depth to achieve this level that cats appreciate.

Can’t find the right one?

In your search to find the ideal solution, try thinking outside the litter box concept and think storage container, without the lid. A huge variety of shapes and sizes exist in this area.

Don’t take the wrong road…

…The wrong turn we took put us on a mountain road that got narrower and narrower. There was no way to turn around; we had to back down the entire way! Next time you choose a litter box, pick one you think your cat will love. You’ll be glad you did! 🙂

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