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Why You Need to Rule Out This One Cause Before Addressing Any Cat Urine Odor Problem

Why You Need to Rule Out This One Cause Before Addressing Any Cat Urine Odor Problem

Ever cut your finger? Stubbed your toe? Or been in an argument about your feline? These common occurrences can make you irritable, unhappy, or even cause pain.

Smelly carpet is painful, too

If your pet is peeing outside his box, and on your carpet, your cat is not doing it on purpose. Many times it might be a medical problem that’s the issue, and not that your feline is after you for revenge. Rule out a physical condition, first. This saves time and frustration (because cat urine odor will keep happening if it’s a medical issue, no matter what you do). A healthy cat makes for a happy owner.

Vet visit

Your vet most likely will run some tests on why your cat could be peeing outside her box. Here are some of the most common medical causes: urinary tract or bladder infection, kidney stones or even diabetes.

Pet pain

Did you know the pain associated with these maladies could be causing your furry feline to urinate in small amounts around the house? Not a pleasant thing for you or your cat.

Not pee but poo?

On the other end of the scale if your cat is pooing outside her box, bring along a stool sample so a veterinarian can determine if it’s constipation (especially in long haired kitties- think fur ball), parasites, diarrhea or inflammation of the bowel to name a few.


  • Your cat is not doing this on purpose
  • Urinating and defecating outside the box could mean a medical condition
  • Your feline could be in pain and not want to use the box
  • Rule out a medical issue first, for the benefit of your kitty

Once your kitty gets a medical check up and a clean bill of health, everyone will happier, and no more arguments! 🙂

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