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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Clean Up Any Pet Urine

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Clean Up Any Pet Urine

When your cat or dog pees on carpet, don’t wait to get around to it. Waiting two days then possibly forgetting about it, can leave a permanent stain.

It happened to a two-dog owner

Mary and Shane have two dogs. One’s a Jack Russell, christened Kipper. The other is a Jack Russell mix, named Keeba. Both dogs are loved dearly.

Deep cleaning

The annual “clean the carpet day” was fast approaching and they felt it was time to get some of the urine stains out of the carpet before they used the carpet-cleaning machine. And guess what? The stains wouldn’t budge.

What happened?

They simply didn’t get to that spot quick enough. Cleaning up dog or cat urine means you have to act fast. Get to that spot immediately. If you can’t get to it right away, make sure you do within 24 to 48 hours.

Any longer and beware

According to Don Aslett’s book, Pet Clean-up Made Easy, the salts and inorganic compounds that remain are not easily dissolved in water. The acids produced as the urine decomposes often leave a permanent stain.

Temporary spot

You’ve got pet urine stains on your carpet? Get to it right away. If you do you’d be looking at a spot (which is easy to remove) and not a stain which can be permanent.


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