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Wondering What Responsible Pet Ownership Means?

Wondering What Responsible Pet Ownership Means?

This Entertaining Read Will Have You Turning Pages

When a family has more than two children we think differently about them don’t we? Why didn’t they stop at two? And four or more? Oh my what’s the matter with them? Such is the case with owning more than two cats.

Crazy cat lady
That’s what Gwen Cooper knew her friends were thinking when she adopted a kitten. She already had two cats, but this cat wasn’t just any feline. He was a special needs cat and vet approved. In fact this vet didn’t know who else to ask to adopt this kitty since everyone else said no.

He was black, too
Now black pets are a little tougher to find a home for. That was strike one. Strike two? When found, this kitten had both eyes infected and they had to be removed. That’s why everyone said no, except Gwen.

Hello to adventure
She was rather surprised she said yes. She really wasn’t looking for another cat. But she just couldn’t say no. Her newly adopted kitten was christened Homer. He adjusted to her place, her two other cats and generally lived life normally.

Unique cat
He had reckless enthusiasm. Ran through the house like any normal kitty (in fact one would only know this was a blind feline if you looked him face to face) and slept on Gwen’s neck, as close as Homer could get that was physically possible. They bonded.

So did everyone else
Anyone who met Homer on his turf, fell in love. He really was one darned amazing cat! And how did Gwen choose her potential dates? If they liked Homer, that was the first step.

Second step
Write it all down. Gwen wrote a book about their experience, Homer’s Odyssey; A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned About Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat.

It was a good read
The book starts out slow, but I persevered and was drawn into it by the third chapter. There are a few unique surprises in this book. One is from Homer; and the other is a heart-rending event that occurred in the last 15 years.

An excellent role model
Homer’s Odyssey shows you exactly what responsible pet ownership means, and what length you need to go to because pets are in your care. Gwen is a superior role model in that respect.

If you’re a cat lover, why not consider owning more than two. I’m game. You?

Interested in a blind cat?
There’s a blind cat rescue and sanctuary in St Pauls, NC. Their about us page gives more info on blind cats. They are also looking for donations.

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