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If You’re Frustrated with Pet Odor and Stain Removers Not Working, Here’s Help

If You’re Frustrated with Pet Odor and Stain Removers Not Working, Here’s Help

Slow computers. Tight spaces. Pet odor that keeps returning! Arrrgh!!! You’re not alone. That’s the number one issue pet parents open up about. Pet odor.

If you’re frustrated, maybe it’s time to examine how you are cleaning it all up. Fix these common mistakes and you’ll be breathing easy in no time.

Are you a quick cleaner upper?
If you have urine stains on carpet, you can’t just spray a pet odor and stain remover and then start rubbing the carpet fibers back and forth to eliminate the stain. I know many folks who do this and frankly, it’s the wrong way to go about it.

There is a right way
If you have fresh urine take a towel or thick rag, fold it into four pieces. Go easy at first and use hand pressure to blot up the liquid. Next, get another really absorbent towel, fold it and step on the spot. You really want to absorb all that liquid. Don’t hurry this process. The more liquid you clean up, the faster and easier the pet odor and stain remover will work.

How much to apply?
If you’re pet has urinated a lot, you really want to pour or spray as much as they urinated. What you’re trying to do is get the product down to the same level in the carpeting as the urine. This is really important. If you don’t get this right, your pet will most likely smell the urine that you couldn’t get to (because you didn’t use enough product) and go there again.

What product are you using?
The above process will work for any pet odor and stain remover: enzyme, bacteria or mineral-based product. Doesn’t matter. They all digest urine. For bacteria and enzymes you need to be aware that these are living things and they need certain conditions to thrive, grow and digest. These ideal conditions include moisture content, temperature and time.

Give them what they need
Blotting up as much urine as possible is essential for enzyme-based products. They work by digesting so the more urine soaked into carpet, the more work they have to do and the longer it takes them.

Minerals don’t require extra work
Minerals do not need ideal conditions. They are not living things. The minerals digest urine no matter what you throw at them. Once they are done digesting, they dehydrate the rest of the matter that’s invisible.

Beware of soap-based products
These too will work to remove the urine but be careful. They require rinsing and if you don’t rinse well enough (very tough to do on carpet, by the way) that spot will re-soil quickly. And guess what, you’ll be cleaning up that area all the time!

If you have dried urine stains
OK, admittedly this requires more work on your part and more cleaning product. Here’s what you do: If using minerals, liberally spray the product on the carpet. Don’t be shy about the amount. Let it sit for a good 10 minutes, blot it up. If you can smell urine, repeat the entire process.

If using enzymes or bacteria
Moisten the spot with water, yes, water. Because enzymes and bacteria need water to activate, you’ve got to add water. Then blot it up. Pour the enzymes on, even go so far as to cover the spot with plastic to keep the moisture in and come back hours later (and I do mean at least 8 hours). Blot it all up. If the odor and stain return, repeat.

We love our pets and sometimes the smell gets to us. To remove pet odor, follow the steps. One last word of caution: take your time; if you have to repeat the process more than twice, that’s OK; be thorough so your home will smell clean once again ☺

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